Sunday, December 04, 2011

Family Traditions

Holden and I spied this gorgeous Montana Christmas tree on Friday afternoon.  That night we bundled up the kids in pjs and jackets and braved the cold, wet weather to claim it.  The kids sang to us on our way, joyful and loud. They have been practicing their Christmas songs at school  and home in preparation for their upcoming pageant.  They sang their favorite song, 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' to the Christmas tree guys and were rewarded with candy canes.

We managed to hold the kids off until morning for the trimming of the tree.  They were up bright and early, with seemingly endless energy, bouncing around and chanting about tree decorating. 

These photos are somewhat misleading, they convey a sense of tranquility and peace. In reality, the kids were hopping around, falling all over themselves.  David demonstrated amazing focus by expertly hanging the lights with kids underfoot trying to assist and my 'helpful' pointers 'more lights, just a few more'.

By 8am the tree was complete and the stockings were hung with care.

...and admired.

Then we enjoyed a hearty breakfast as a reward for all our hard work.

I think it is the prettiest tree we have ever had.

And look, we even have glass ornaments, which feels like a big milestone to me.  We have really come along way since the early days.


Smooch said...

it IS a pretty tree. did you get it at Zingers?? We got our table tree there and garland - they had pretty stuff. and I like your shirt.

Happy Home said...

yes Zingers, they have the most beautiful trees! thanks