Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Holden is doing well, despite catching an upper respitory infection from his siblings. He is a bit congested but he is sleeping and eating well and seems content. I was concerned about his respiration rate being elevated - it has been consistently above 60 breaths per minute and it should be closer to 40 - so I took him to Children's Hospital over the weekend. The wait was long unlike our last visit but the news was good. The doctor was fine with his breathing and verified that his lungs were clear and that he does not have RSV or the flu. So we are just letting him sleep a bit elevated to help keep the passage ways clear. He seems to be doing a bit better already.

Will, Evan and Lily were diagnosed with sinus infections last week and are on their third round of antibotic this winter season. They also seem to be turning the corner and feeling and sleeping better. I can't wait for this bug season to end and have happy healthy babies again.


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Holden is the sweetest little boy - hope everyone is fully recovered soon.
Will, Evan & Lily look like they are having lots of fun always !

Michele S said...

He is a beautiful baby! I hope all the kids are feeling well soon.

Dorinda said...

So cute! Got to your blog through the raising multiples group and I think it's awesome that you've had a baby after the triplets. I have two before but would consider another one - dad says no :(

MaryBeth said...

Hope you guys are on the mend soon. I'm right there with you wishing this yuck sick weather away!!